Graduation films 2022



2022 - 45' –Italian (Available subtitles: German, English)

Through archive materials and encounters with a generation different from her own, the director embarks on a journey to discover the biography of Sante Notarnicola, communist poet and bank robber.

  • Matilde Ramini
    • Director

    Matilde Ramini

    Matilde Ramini was born in 1994 in the province of Bologna. Very early on, she became interested in the history of the 20th century and analogue photography, passions that accompany her to this day. She studied Contemporary History at the University of Bologna and at the Humboldt-Universität in Berlin. During her time in Germany, she approached the audiovisual medium and then attended the Directing class at the ZeLIG Documentary School in Bolzano, where she currently lives.

  • Lorenzo Covi
    • Cinematographer

    Lorenzo Covi

    Lorenzo Covi was born in Trento in 1998, where he grew up and studied until graduation. Afterwords he approached the world of cinema independently, experimenting in small productions, commercial videos and studying as a self-taught. From 2019 to 2022, he attends the direction of photography course at ZeLIG, School of Film and Documentary.

  • Alessandra Bassi
    • Editor

    Alessandra Bassi

    Born and raised in Trento, Alessandra has always been passionate about communication and expression. She approached the world of documentary filmmaking during her university studies in Language Mediation and has been attending ZeLIG since 2019. During her training she gets to know and experience the different aspects of expression and professions related to cinema and chooses to specialise in editing.


Bellaria Film Festival - Premio Beltrade



When someone dies he or she leaves a cast in those who remain, as if those who remain are made of plaster and cannot do otherwise than maintain that form, in the negative. Meeting the loved ones of Sante Notarnicola was an extension of this thesis: ideals also leave a deep mark. In being a cast, the room in which the group gathers is as small as it is solid. The dramatic nature of a gesture such as an armed robbery unfolds by reconstructing the conditions and the horizons of meaning that determined it. The violence of the gesture does not disappear, it is rather inscribed in a life story. It is a story that allows a glimpse of what was on the other side, beyond an irreversible decision and, as its consequence, beyond the walls of a prison. In antithesis to "changing everything" and what this can commonly mean, the film's driving forces are preservation and transmission. It is a film born of the need for rootedness, which is only apparently opposed to the need to travel.


Country of production: Italy
Shooting Format: 6k@25p
Original Master Format: HD 1080@25p
Aspect ratio: 1.85:1
Screening Format: DCP, Apple ProRes or any on request
Audio Format: Stereo (2.0)
Running time: 45’
Subtitles available: German / English


Director: Matilde Ramini
Cinematographer: Lorenzo Covi
Editor: Alessandra Bassi
Soundrecordist: Alessandra Bassi, Matilde Ramini


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