Graduation films 2022


Ama Osa

2022 - 48' - Italian (Available subtitles: German, English)

Nao quits her current job and exchanges safety for excitement by becoming a camgirl. While selling her erotic performances online to the anonymous users of the porn platforms, she slowly discovers herself as a sex worker, an artist and a woman.

  • Marija Stefānija Linuža
    • Director

    Marija Stefānija Linuža

    Marija Stefanija Linuza was born in 1994 in Riga, Latvia. There she graduatedbr from J.Rozentāls Highschool of Art as a Multimedia Designer with a video art project. In 2017 she attended FAMU summer filmmaking initiation campus and in 2018 she moved to Italy, where she was selected for the basic course in directing in Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia, Roma. In 2022 she graduated school for documentary ZeLIG in Bolzano. There she directed her diploma film “AMA OSA”.

  • Leonardo Minati
    • Editor

    Leonardo Minati

    My name is Leonardo Minati and I was born in Borgo Valsugana (TN) in 1996. Before I discovered that filmmaking could be a job, I studied philosophy in Padua and Bologna. At that time I was interested in photography, so I took some courses in photojournalism. It was a way to combine the skills I had acquired at the university with a congenital curiosity for storytelling. The convergence point of my interests and aptitudes is film editing, which I specialized in at ZeLIG School for documentary.

  • Margherita Duca
    • Cinematographer

    Margherita Duca

    Margherita Duca was born in Trento on October 4, 2000. She graduated from the artistic high school A. Vittoria in Trento, in multimedia audiovisual address. In August 2022 she graduated from ZeLIG, professional school of documentary, in Bolzano in the specific course of photography and lighting direction.


filmmakers int                            DOKfest 2023 Lorbeeren nominated Black StudentAw

Internationales Filmfestival "Filmmaker" - "Prospettive" Competition - Special Mention
Sehsüchte International Student Film Festival
Sicilia Queer Filmfest
- Out of Competition
Job Film Days - Competition



While researching literature on underlying themes relevant for the film, I came across a text that defined gender stereotypes as "The Little Soul Murderers." This is how they named the various expectations that are determined by belonging to one sex. The simplest example boils down to how women are supposed to be pure, while males stoic and protective. In my opinion, a girl who decides to eroticize her body for an income clashes precisely with society's expectations of what women should be, of how we should behave and how we should use our bodies. While doing this film, I felt my understanding of what this precisely means gain depth and complexity. This film is a portrait of Nao herself reasoning about her own body, breaking beyond these expectation, not only concerning work, but also in the way that she uses her body as a matter for her artistic research. Throughout the film, staying close to our protagonist at all times, the world of cam is slowly uncovered and as the scenes progress, Nao's reasoning and motivations made during this journey are deepened, whether it is the frustrations that start from her previous work experiences or not being ashamed once she recognizes her need to be desired.


Country of production: Italy
Shooting Format(s): HD 1080@25
Original Master Format: HD 1080@25
Aspect ratio: 1.85:1
Screening Format: DCP, Apple ProRes or any on request
Audio Format: Stereo (2.0)
Running time: 48'15”
Subtitles available: German / English


Director: Marija Stefānija Linuža
Cinematographer: Margherita Duca
Editor: Leonardo Minati
Soundrecordist: Leonardo Minati, Marija Stefānija Linuža


ZeLIG is located in Bolzano, Italy, a multilingual city where different cultures live together. The school is a place of exchange for students, teachers and film professionals from all over the world.
At ZeLIG the spoken languages are German, Italian and English. This creative approach to linguistic variety opens the gates to the international markets and to future opportunities.