Graduation films 2016


For those who want to fire

2016 - 35' - Italian (Available subtitles: English, German)

Turin. Peppino, born in Naples, works as carter. Every day he pulls by hand iron carts which build the biggest European open-air market. He is part of an army of workers who live the street, the square, in the shadow and at the service of the market. He’s father of three sons, he’s used to make ends meet and to invent ways to put some more money together. In the last holy days of the year, he makes up a deal to pay a debt.

  • Pierluca Ditano
    • Director

    Pierluca Ditano

    Pierluca Ditano was born in Puglia in 1991. He studied at university in Turin and there he joined political and social movements. In 2011 he directed alle case bianche, his first short documentary shot in his hometown. In the last years, he lived in Bozen, attending directing class at ZeLIG. Per chi vuole sparare is his diploma film.

  • Giovanni Benini
    • Cinematographer

    Giovanni Benini

    Giovanni Benini was born in 1986 in Verona, Italy. After earning a MA in Architecture and Engineering, he focused on photography, dealing mainly with people in their daily life. He graduated in cinematography at Zelig, school for documentary, television and new media. He has recently collaborated with Piano Producciones (Mexico City), 360degree film (Venice)and K+film (Trento) in the camera department. Per chi vuole sparare is his third film as cinematographer.

  • Ylenia Busolli
    • Editor

    Ylenia Busolli

    Ylenia Busolli was born in Prato in 1987. She began studying Set Design in Florence and moved to Turin, where in 2011 she graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts. The passion for people and the need to tell what is not often mentioned or said led her to the documentary language. In 2016 she graduated in the editing specialization in Zelig School for Documentary, television and new media.


per chi vuole sparare allori

Other awards and festival partecipations:
- Premio Roberto Gavioli 2017 - Miglior documentario italiano sul mondo del lavoro
- 9e Festival international Filmer le travail - Compétition international
- ViaEmilia @DocFest 2017 - festival di documentario online
- 4th Bridge Film Festival - Best Short Film


Country of production: Italy
Original Format: 1920x1080 @ 25p
Screening Format: File / Blu-ray Disc / DVD / DCP
Aspect ratio: 2.39:1
Running time: 35'
Subtitles available: English / German


Director: Pierluca Ditano
Cinematographer: Giovanni Benini
Editor: Ylenia Busolli
Soundrecordist: Pierluca Ditano
Sound design: Marco Torrisi, Vito Martinelli
Sound mix: Vito Martinelli


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