Graduation films 2016


The Tank

2016 - 24' - Italian (Available subtitles: English, German)

Winter is the world of silence. The small town of Jesolo perfectly embodies this concept. Shutters closed, the noise of a distance car and the waves of the sea. Summer tourism seems to be a far memory. Looking closely, you realize that even in this long and almost uninhabited stretch life goes on and that you can finally see the most authentic side of this place.
During winter time it seems that Jesolo lives immersed in a giant muffled bubble, as if guarding a secret. The secret of the people who never leave this place. The point of view is of the city itself. It doesn't enter deeply the situations, but it touches gently the surface of each place. It doesn't need to know more. It goes around the place as in inner travel in search of his people while wondering about his being a touristic city.

  • Anna Bressanini
    • Director

    Anna Bressanini

    Anna Bressanini is a director from Trento born in 1989. In 2011 she started a radio entratainment programm about the film soundtracks at University of Trento Sanbaradio. She attended for two years the department of Cultural Heritage of the University of Trento; following the deleting of the cinema course she left it.
    She participated at the production of the film premiered in Cannes 2014 Bridges of Sarajevo in the short film shot in Trentino by Leonardo di Costanzo: L’avamposto.
    Thanks to the Trentino Film Commission she was employed as a production’s assistant for the TV miniseries Romeo e Giulietta produced by the Roman production house Lux Vide. In February 2014 she started the Zelig Documentary Film School in Bolzano. Between December 2014 and January 2015 she participated at the cultural exchange with the Indian Film School Satyajit Ray of Calcutta. In 2016 she get the Diploma from the Zelig Film School presenting the documentary La Vasca

  • Stefanie Nirschl
    • Cinematographer

    Stefanie Nirschl

    Stefanie Nirschl is a German cinematography student from the documentary film school "ZeLIG" in Italy.
    Before her studies she attended "HFF Munich“ Film School as a guest student in the cinematography department. She learned the technical handling of camera, light and grip at the Munich based camera rental "Ludwig". On set Stefanie has mainly been working as second AC and lighting technician. She lived for at least a period of three months in Wielenbach, Pensacola, New York, Munich and Bolzano and she speaks the languages German, English and Italian.
    Stefanie realized the films “Lifeguards” (2011), “Vorurteilsfrei” (2012), “Blind Date” (2013), “Wanderlust” (2014), “Good Vibrations” (2015), “Clab” (2015) and „Confectum“ (2016) as cinematographer.

  • Sonja Müller
    • Editor

    Sonja Müller

    Sonja Müller was born in 1993 in Merano (South Tyrol, Italy). After finishing her education in domestic management in 2010, she graduated High School in social services in 2013. Meanwhile Sonja has written several filmcritics for the Blog called “Cactus Alternatives Stadtmagazin Meran”. After school she studied “religious education” in Innsbruck (Austria) for one Semester. In January 2014 Sonja was commenced by ZeLIG, school for documentary, television and new media in Bolzano (Italy), where she graduated in 2016.


Country of production: Italy
Original Format: Full HD
Screening Format: file .mov, blueray
Aspect ratio: 2.35:1
Running time: 24'
Subtitles available: English / German


Director: Anna Bressanini
Cinematographer: Stefanie Nirschl
Editor: Sonja Müller
Soundrecordist / Sound design: Dominic Rogan 
Music: Filippo Sterrantino


ZeLIG is located in Bolzano, Italy, a multilingual city where different cultures live together. The school is a place of exchange for students, teachers and film professionals from all over the world.
At ZeLIG the spoken languages are German, Italian and English. This creative approach to linguistic variety opens the gates to the international markets and to future opportunities.