Graduation films 2016


Happy New Year

2016 - 32' - Chinese (Available subtitles: English, Italian, German)

An urban periphery, a small semi-abandoned mansion and its sole inhabitant. A forty-years-old Chinese young man look at the world with cynicism and resentment. Time ago, the building has hosted an experiment of self- management and alternatively shared life. Back then the young man, son of the real Communism, looked at the future and felt to be part of a different history.
Today, some friends are still knocking at the door, but just fragments remain of a life lived together, while we can ear the intense noise of the construction sites. A voice over reveals traits of a deep relationship, distant by now. Around the huge Chinese metropolis, constantly in construction and destruction, where the memory's space is increasingly difficult to find.

  • Désirée Marianini Torta
    • Director

    Désirée Marianini Torta

    Désirée Marianini Torta – Born in Italy in 1980, mastered in Oriental Languages at Rome “La Sapienza” University. She lived ten years in China studying and working for the Cultural Heritage Protection Centre in Beijing and for China Files. She graduate in Directing/Project Development at ZeLIG School for Documentary, Television and New Media.

  • Laura Cesarini
    • Cinematographer

    Laura Cesarini

    Laura Cesarini – Born in Italy in 1987, studied Political Science, in the meanwhile went into photography for independent music concerts. She worked as a Video Assist for Bortone's movie “Caffé” and for Amir Naderi's “Monte”. She worked in photography department at Tornatore's “La corrispondenza”. She always enjoys gardening and being a farmer.

  • Michal Shanny
    • Editor

    Michal Shanny

    Michal Shanny – Born in Israel in 1984. After finishing her photojournalism studies, went on to study in the multi - disciplinary program in the arts at Tel- Aviv University, focusing on Film studies and Musicology. Made one film in Israel, “The Last Friendly House” (2014, 22 min). Recently finished her studies at the ZeLIG School for Documentary in Bolzano, specializing in Editing.


  • "Best film" at One The Road Film Festival (Rome, Italy) - read the Jury's motivation here (in Italian)
  • Asiatica Film Festival (Rome, Italy)


Country of production: Italy
Original Format: 1080 25p
Screening Format: Beta SP / DvCam / DVD
Aspect ratio: 16:9
Running time: 32'
Subtitles available: Italian / English / German


Director: Désirée Marianini Torta
Cinematographer: Laura Cesarini
Editor: Michal Shanny
Soundrecordist: Otis Buri



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