Graduation films 2016


Waiting for Leopoldo

2016 - 54' - Dialect of Trentino (Available subtitles: English, Italian, German)

A child plays the trumpet in the deserted alleys of a humble village in the alpine region. Time seems to stand still, winter nights are still warmed up by chants and days are marked by taking care of the animals. Soon the day of La Canta della Stella (the Epiphany procession) will come. It is the most important feast in this village. Tradition requires that a donkey of flesh and blood accompanies the procession lead by the three kings. Leopoldo is the only donkey in the village.
His owner, an enormous man with a grey beard and a flowered hat, dedicates his days to his strange passions and to his old mother. They live together, she moves with difficulty and he accompanies her through her last years with love and care.
When he is asked for his donkey to accompany the procession, he is reluctant to give it. Meanwhile Leopoldos' days go by behind the boards of his stable, sometimes cheered up by visits from kids and a guy of the village.
Chant rehearsals are held and nativity scenes are being prepared. A woman oddly hesitates to place the donkey in her nativity scene. One day the man with the grey beard visits Leopoldos' stable. The donkey isn't there. The childs' untuned trumpet resounds again. The village needs him. There are those who look for him, those who intone chants and others, who pray for his return.

  • Nikolaus von Schlebrügge
    • Cinematographer

    Nikolaus von Schlebrügge

    Nikolaus von Schlebrügge was born in 1989 in Vienna (Austria). There he studied history with focus on contemporary history and forms of political protest. He works as electrician, grip and 2. AC for Advertising and Fiction. Currently he is studying at the ZeLIG, school for documentary, television and new media in Bolzano (Italy).
  • Michela Tomasi
    • Director

    Michela Tomasi

    Michela Tomasi was born in 1985 in Trento (Italy). She received a Master degree in Mathematics. In 2012 she started a PhD in Interactive Art at the Department of Computer Science of the University of Trento. She works as 2. AC on the set of Monte directed by Amir Naderi. Currently she is a student at ZeLIG, school for documentary, television and new media in Bolzano (Italy), where she expects to graduate in 2016.
  • Agnese Blumtritt
    • Editor

    Agnese Blumtritt

    Agnese Blumtritt was born in 1989 in Genova (Italy). In 2008 she studied intercultural communication in Torino. In 2013 she started following lessons at the Art Academy of Bologna. She works as editing assistant of Ricardo Vasquez for a movie of Florencia Santucho. Since January 2014 she is a student at the Zelig school for documentary filmmaking in Bolzano (Italy).


Country of production: Italy
Original Format: Full HD / 1080p
Screening Format: file .mov
Aspect ratio: 2:1
Running time: 54'
Subtitles available: Italian / English / German


Director: Michela Tomasi
Cinematographer: Nikolaus Von Schlebrügge
Editor: Agnese Blumtritt
Soundrecordist: Dominic Rogan
Composer: Raul Masu


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