Graduation films 2019


Until We Return

2019 - 58' - English (Available subtitles: German, Italian, English)

The Isle of Canna lies two hours off the northwest coast of Scotland and is connected to the mainland only by ferry. It has no supermarket, no doctor, no litter service, tarred roads or street lights. As winter has come, the ferry arrives only twice a week to bring all the necessary supplies; in case of bad weather the service is disrupted. Canna was once inhabited by over 400 people, today only a small community is left: a few houses here and there, a solitary hunter, an abandoned church.

Anna, Pete, Liz and Fiona are among the last 16 people still living on the island. They lead an ordinary life in extraordinary circumstances, shaped by grandiose nature, rough weathers and a common solitude. In front of this backdrop they reflect on their past, present and uncertain future on the island, sharing their dreams and needs.

  • Martin Telser
    • Director

    Martin Telser

    Martin Telser was born and grew up in South Tyrol. After graduating from high school he attended the Vienna University of Economics and Business where he got a Master's Degree in Socioeconomics. Following his passion for cinema, in 2016 he started studying Directing at the ZeLIG school for documentary in Bolzano.

  • Philipp Rubatscher
    • Cinematographer

    Philipp Rubatscher

    Philipp Rubatscher was born in a Ladin-speaking village in the Dolomites. After a general education in Italy and the UK he studied communication in Milan and Madrid. He found in cinematography the perfect combination of his technical knowledge with creativity. The ZeLIG school in Bolzano gave him the opportunity to develop his view of the world.

  • Lorenzo Misia
    • Editor

    Lorenzo Misia

    Lorenzo Misia was born in Milan. After graduating from high school he attended the Fine Arts Accademy in Bergamo where he studied Painting. He then moved to South Tyrol in 2016 in order to study Editing and Sound at ZeLIG school for documentary in Bolzano.


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Director's Note

The desecrated and falling apart church of St. Edwards tells of former times and is a picture of the long history of depopulation the Isle of Canna has faced. The remaining community of only 16 live in the ambivalence of an uncertain future regarding the island and their personal life, both closely knit together. There is an immediate and direct response to almost any action on the island which constitutes a greater consciousness of everyday life and sharpens the question of belonging and the obligation towards the place and the community you live in. Ultimately the question arises of what the single is willing to sacrifice to remain in an improbable place he or she might call home and what becomes of a home that has been abandoned.

Technical data

Country of production: Italy
Shooting Format(s): UHD 3840x2160 @25p, HD 1080@25p
Original Master Format: HD 1080@25p
Aspect ratio: 2.35:1
Screening Format: DCP, Apple ProRes or any on request
Audio Format: Stereo
Running time: 58'
Subtitles available: German / Italian / English


Director: Martin Telser
Cinematographer: Philipp Rubatscher
Editor: Lorenzo Misia
Soundrecordist: Petra Pirandello


ZeLIG is located in Bolzano, Italy, a multilingual city where different cultures live together. The school is a place of exchange for students, teachers and film professionals from all over the world.
At ZeLIG the spoken languages are German, Italian and English. This creative approach to linguistic variety opens the gates to the international markets and to future opportunities.