Graduation films 2019


The ropes space

2019 - 63' - Italian (Available subtitles: German, Italian, English)

Do we need to lose control, for a moment, liberating ourselves from the stresses of daily life?
Cindy, Coldeyes and Ilaria practice “shibari”, a discipline that involves two people: the one who ties and the one who is tied.
These three women approach this practice for different reasons: some of them use it as a form of meditation, to have “silence in their head”, some as a therapy to achieve a kind of catharsis, others prefer to tie themselves in an intimate moment.
Through their experience and that of Andrea, a rope master, the film reflects on the need to lose control, to liberate oneself, to have an experience in which a person becomes only feelings and sensations.

  • Caterina Ferrari
    • Director

    Caterina Ferrari

    Caterina Ferrari (Novara, 1989) graduated in Visual and Performing Arts at IUAV University of Venice. In Milan she studied documentary at the Civic School of Cinema Luchino Visconti. She is selected, with the project
    La Gabbia”, for the production workshop “In Progress” (by Milano Film Network). “La Gabbia” was screened at Filmmaker Festival 2017 in Milan and won Movie People prize. In 2019 she graduated in Directing / Project Development at the ZeLIG – School for documentary.
  • Annachiara Gislimberti
    • Cinematographer

    Annachiara Gislimberti

    Annachiara Gislimberti (Trento, 1992) after artistic studies in Trento, she
    graduates in audio-video technics at APM School in Saluzzo (CN) in 2012.
    She starts then to work as camera assistant and camerawoman, among Milan
    and Rome. Thanks to collaborations on films like What nourishes me destroys
    me and Zero Waste, she gets into documentary genre.
    In 2019 she graduates in Cinematography at the Zelig school of documentary in Bolzano.
  • Gabriella Cosmo
    • Editor

    Gabriella Cosmo

    Gabriella Cosmo (Bari, 1986) after graduating in foreign literature and
    languages, spent two years studying filmmaking at the University of Roma III. In 2013 she co-founded the cultural organization Rec Movie.
    In 2019 she graduated in editing at ZeLIG school of documentary.



Director's Note

In the collective imagination “shibari” is an erotic art; although some people don’t find the sexual aspect important during a rope session, they search for something different.
The aim of the film is to explore some of these aspects: from the need to give another person control over your body, abandoning yourself completely, to the desire to have a cathartic experience.
The research of these experiences allows us to reflect on a need, which is specific in human beings, to feel sensations that allow a total detachment from daily life.

Technical data

Country of production: Italy
Shooting Format(s): HD 1080@25p
Original Master Format: HD 1080@25p
Aspect ratio: 1.85:1
Screening Format: DCP, Apple ProRes or any on request
Audio Format: Stereo (2.0)
Running time: 63’
Subtitles available: German / Italian / English


Director: Caterina Ferrari
Cinematographer: Annachiara Gislimberti
Editor: Gabriella Cosmo
Soundrecordist: F. Jacopo dell’Anno


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