Graduation films 2019


Il Passo dell'Acqua

2019 - 52' - Italian (Available subtitles: German, Italian, English)

From the summit of the Abruzzo mountains to the Adriatic Sea, there are still people who live with a direct contact with nature: Domenico, an old shepherd who spends his days with his flock of sheep in high altitude, without electricity and water; Nisida, a 90 year old widow who, moved by her faith, decides to undertake a pilgrimage to the Heremitage of Saint Bartolomeo; Nicola, a retired fisherman who lives with a white cat in the ruins of his old fishing village surrounded by the modern city.

  • Antonio Di Biase
    • Director

    Antonio Di Biase

    Antonio Di Biase (Pescara, 1994). Graduated in the field of Painting at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts in Milan. During his studies he made different shortfilms including “Nuova Zita”, shot in 16mm, selected to Torino Film Festival (2016). His mid-lenght film “De Sancto Ambrosio” has been selected in the International Competition at the Ji.hlava Film Festival 2018.
  • Mattia Ottaviani
    • Cinematographer

    Mattia Ottaviani

    Mattia Ottaviani (Verona 1996). After studying design at the University of Bolzano he attended the camera class at ZeLIG – school of documentary. During his studies he has faced different work experiences as video assist, data manager, second AC and first AC for different productions, including the last documentary of the oscar winning director Pepe Danquart.
  • Aaron Beitz
    • Editor

    Aaron Beitz

    Aaron Beitz (Hamburg, 1991). After High School he worked as a volunteer at the Klabauter Theatre. In 2013 he moved to Leipzig to study theater and cultural education. As part of his studies he made several short films as well as commissioned films. In 2015 he collaborated as a sound recordist and assistant director in the documentary “The Good Intentions”. Since 2016 he attents the ZeLIG – School for Documentary.


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Director's note

“Il Passo dell'Acqua” is an homage to the land of Abruzzo and to an ancient peasant world which is now disappearing.
The narration is carried through the use of atmospheric and contemplative images: the camera does not move and each shot, composed like a painting, contains a small story. The film is entirely shot on super 16mm to underline the distance in time. The analog aesthetics reconnects the film to the pictorial tradition, giving homage to film masters like Vittorio De Seta, Ermanno Olmi, Franco Piavoli.

Technical data

Country of production: Italy
Shooting Format(s): Super 16 mm (scan 2K)@25p
Original Master Format: 2K 1998x1080@25p
Aspect ratio: 1.85:1
Screening Format: DCP, Apple ProRes or any on request
Audio Format: Surround 5.1 – Stereo 2.0
Running time: 52'25”
Subtitles available: German / Italian / English


Director: Antonio Di Biase
Cinematographer: Mattia Ottaviani
Editor: Aaron Beitz
Soundrecordist: Andrea Oppo
Sound Editor: Riccardo Marsana
Sound Mix: Tommaso Barbaro, Massimo Mariani


ZeLIG is located in Bolzano, Italy, a multilingual city where different cultures live together. The school is a place of exchange for students, teachers and film professionals from all over the world.
At ZeLIG the spoken languages are German, Italian and English. This creative approach to linguistic variety opens the gates to the international markets and to future opportunities.