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Andrea’s creatures

2019 - 75' - Italian (Available subtitles: German, Italian, English)

Andrea lives his life made of a very tight routine, of solitude and art. In an attempt to leave a mark, we see Andrea busy making paintings to give to the whole city. We will then enter his world, made up of rules and different times, where art and imagination mix up to blend. Andrea has always lived in the myth of Michelangelo, his idol and source of inspiration, and in the shadow of religion. For this reason he feels that, to be complete, he too must have his Sistine chapel to be frescoed. Osvaldo (Paolo Uccello) has perhaps found a chance to make this dream come true, but the road will be hard for the two. Andrea will have to deal with his relationship difficulties, due both to the difficult past, but above all to his way of seeing the world, which seems almost magical and naive as is his painting; Osvaldo, on the other hand, will have to deal with Andrea's world and agree to be part of it as his creature, as part of his art.

  • Thomas Saglia
    • Director

    Thomas Saglia

    Thomas Saglia (Trento, 1990), after studying Music and entertainment at the University of Trento, began a journey that led to numerous collaborations in the audiovisual sector in Trentino. In 2015 he was an audiovisual representative for the project “Altrove Reporter”, which culminated with the direction and editing of the documentary "I capitali italiani" for the province of Trento. After developing several projects in Trentino, he attended the "ZeLIG School for Documentary" in Bolzano, where he studied Directing.
  • Luca Zontini
    • Cinematographer

    Luca Zontini

    Luca Zontini was born in 1994 in Bolzano (Italy). In 2015 he achieved a diploma in the field of electronics and telecommunications at the Galileo Galilei School of Bolzano. In 2016 he left for Australia, where he has been traveling and working for more than two years. After that he applied for ZeLIG, where he took part in the realization of “Borgo Marino” and “Franziskanerkloster”. He studied at the "Zelig School for Documentary, Television and new Media".
  • Giulia Micheli
    • Editor

    Giulia Micheli

    Giulia Micheli (Trento, 1993). Always passionate about art. After high school she moved to Bologna where she enrolled at the DAMS - Discipline of the Arts, Music and Performing Arts. In 2015 she attended the faculty of Media Studies in Utrecht (Holland) for six months, when she returned to Italy she obtained a three-year degree. She completed an internship as an editor at "Busacca Video", a production company in Trento. She studied at the "Zelig School for Documentary, Television and new Media".


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Director's Note

Andrea, like any true artist, has his own way of seeing the world. The film, besides being a portrait of the life of this extraordinary person, marked by difficulties, is above all the attempt to understand the meaning of his art. To really understand what it means for him and then understand why he calls his works "his creatures", fruit of his mind. This attempt is made formally through a metacinematographic level in which dream and reality merge. The formal level of dreams tries to give shape to his mind, always projected to the realization of the next impossible objective. Every now and then the "disturbances" of everyday life awaken him, but then they pass and he can resume dreaming. The relationship between him and Osvaldo is then itself a representation of the relationship between madness and reality: despite Osvaldo's attempts to help him, Andrea is still a victim of himself, king and prisoner of that world that he himself created.

Technical data

Country of production: Italy
Shooting Format(s): HD 1080@25p
Original Master Format: HD 1080@25p
Aspect ratio: 1.85:1
Screening Format: DCP, Apple ProRes or any on request
Audio Format: Stereo (2.0)
Running time: 74'39”
Subtitles available: German / Italian / English


Director: Thomas Saglia
Cinematographer: Luca Zontini
Editor: Giulia Micheli
Soundrecordist: Giulia Micheli


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